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About Us

TM Camping is a non-profit camping company focused on Christ-centered ministry specializing in camping and conference center management. Our mission, vision, and values focus on developing a customer-centric and service-oriented culture in our ministries and operations. We strive to create excellent retreat and conference experiences for our guests by serving and saying "yes" whenever feasible.

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Why We Do Camp


Every Person, Every Opportunity

Our Mission

To help others see, know, and experience God.

Our Vision

To see every person positively changed through extraordinary experiences. To create moments for relational, personal, and spiritual development through serving, caring, and loving at every opportunity.

Our Values

Integrity • Safety • Attitude • Saying "yes" • Excellence • Teamwork • Initiative and Follow-through • Out-of-the-box thinking • Fun

Our Family

The TM Camping family is made up of four camps and one lake spread across California and Arizona. Each of our camps shares boundaries with national forest and state preserves, giving the appearance of being further into the wilderness while still within local communities that provide significant amenities.

San Marcos Christian Camp - Santa Barbara, CA

Thousand Pines Christian Camp - Crestline, CA

Rock-N-Water Christian Camp - Lotus, CA

Tonto Rim Christian Camp - Payson, AZ

Lake Gregory - Crestline, CA

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